NAD and NADH exist in all living organisms and are important for energy transformation and maintenance of the redox state of cells or tissues. The reduced form, NADH is a driving force for cells and plays a critical role in cell regulation and repair processes. It is of increasing interest to be able to measure low levels of NADH in samples or in enzymatic reactions.

BioVision’s PicoProbe NADH Assay Kit provides a highly sensitive method to detect low levels of NADH (NAD is not detected in the reaction). There is no requirement to purify NADH from samples. The NADH Recycling Enzyme Mix specifically recognizes NADH (not NADPH) in the enzyme recycling reaction. The assay is rapid, simple, and can measure less than 8 nM NADH in a variety of samples.

Lactate (CH3CH (OH) COO-) plays an important role in many biological processes. Abnormally high lactate concentrations have been associated with diseases such as diabetes, lactic acidosis, etc. L (+) – Lactate is present in the blood and is the main lactate stereoisomer formed in human intermediate metabolism. D-lactate is also present, but only about 1 to 5% of the L (+) – lactate concentration.

Lactate is an important energy source for living organisms and can be used to generate cellular ATP. The BioVision PicoProbe  Lactate Assay Kit is suitable for measuring very low levels of L (+) – lactate in a variety of samples. In this assay, L (+) – lactate is specifically oxidized to form an intermediate that reacts with a colorless probe to generate fluorescence (Ex / Em = 535/587 nm), which is directly proportional to the amount of lactate. This convenient, simple, rapid, and high throughput test kit is the most sensitive lactate test kit on the market. Can detect L (+) – lactate less than 0.2 µM in a variety of biological samples.

This PicoProbeTM Inulin Assay Kit enables the determination of the inulin content of plant material and can be tested in biological fluids such as serum. The kit uses an enzymatic mechanism through which a fluorescence signal is generated proportional to the amount of inulin present in the sample. This allows the user to quantify inulin levels up to 10 ng.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple procedure takes ~ 35-40 minutes
  • Fast and convenient
  • The kit provides an accurate assay to measure inulin in various samples.


Inulin hydrolysis buffer

Inulin Reaction Buffer

Inulin Enzyme Blend

Inulin Developer


Signal enhancer

Inulin standard (1 mg / ml)

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