Negative Brucellosis Test For Dogs Document

Brucellosis Antibody Test Card

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Dog Brucellosis Test Laboratories manufactures the negative brucellosis test for dogs document reagents distributed by Genprice. The Negative Brucellosis Test For Dogs Document reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact dog brucellosis test. Other Negative products are available in stock. Specificity: Negative Category: Brucellosis Group: Test For

Test Tube Rack Holder (for 50 Ml Test Tube Racks)

EUR 58.8

NOVATest Antigen Rapid Test Kit (For Single Use) (NOVA Test)

EUR 162

Test tube tray for OLS26

EUR 285.6

Test tube tray for LSB12

EUR 271.2

Test tube tray for LSB18

EUR 285.6

Test for Identi of Clostridium.d

EUR 183.54

Test for Identi of Salmonellae

EUR 139.08

Test For information

Negative Control Antibody for Mouse Monoclonals

V8785SAF-100UG 100ug
EUR 349.3
Description: To serve as a true negative control for various procedures, this monoclonal IgG should be used under the identical conditions and at the same dilution as the rabbit monoclonal antibody being used for a positive reaction.

OOSA10387-100T - IgM NEGATIVE CONTROL Negative/Isotype Control

OOSA10387-100T 100Tests
EUR 309

Q-VE-OPh (Negative Control for Q-VD-OPh)

GW8990-1 1
EUR 228.1

OOSA10342-100UG - IgG1 NEGATIVE CONTROL Negative/Isotype Control

OOSA10342-100UG 0.1mg
EUR 219

OOSA10349-100T - IgG2a NEGATIVE CONTROL Negative/Isotype Control

OOSA10349-100T 100Tests
EUR 299

OOSA10380-100T - IgG2b NEGATIVE CONTROL Negative/Isotype Control

OOSA10380-100T 100Tests
EUR 309

OOSA10389-100T - IgG1 NEGATIVE CONTROL Negative/Isotype Control

OOSA10389-100T 100Tests
EUR 309

OOSA10395-100T - IgG1 NEGATIVE CONTROL:RPE Negative/Isotype Control

OOSA10395-100T 100Tests
EUR 519

OOSA10397-100T - IgG2a NEGATIVE CONTROL Negative/Isotype Control

OOSA10397-100T 100Tests
EUR 309

Freezer Accessory IQ/OQ Documentation for Esco ULT freezers

EUR 827.75

OOSA10403-100T - IgG2a NEGATIVE CONTROL:RPE Negative/Isotype Control

OOSA10403-100T 100Tests
EUR 519

OOSA10361-1ML - Rat IgG2a NEGATIVE CONTROL Negative/Isotype Control

OOSA10361-1ML 1ml
EUR 169

PMA Enhancer for Gram Negative Bacteria, 5X Solution

31038-1 EA
EUR 92

OOSA10379-250UG - Rat IgG2c NEGATIVE CONTROL Negative/Isotype Control

OOSA10379-250UG 0.25mg
EUR 319

Qualification documents - Hard copy inside folder - IQ/OQ documents

7007-0001 EACH
EUR 1655.5

OOSA10362-100UG - IgG2a NEGATIVE CONTROL: Biotin Negative/Isotype Control

OOSA10362-100UG 0.1mg
EUR 169

FMK Negative Control

1122-100 each
EUR 210